Why mums don't #getintheframe - and why there is a solution for everything!

Everyone has a ‘thing’ that stops them from arranging family photos. For me it’s my hair. I never quite know what to do with it. It’s on the fluffy side and given I only bought a hair straightener when I turned 36, I’m not so skilled at 'defluffing'. And often when I take action it doesn’t quite come off (blonde streaks of October 2018 - I’m looking at you). For you it might be makeup or clothes or something else. I think we all know deep down that none of these things really matter. The only thing you will regret is actually not being in photos with your kids or loved ones. Here are a few practical tips to get past some of these ‘things’ and #getintheframe. Hair issues

Schedule your photo session to fit in with your next trip to the hairdresser so you’re feeling great. Or buy that hair straightener you've been putting off 😬 Make-up

My hot tip is that you should look like you, so no need to go OTT with a smokey eye if that’s not how you normally roll. BUT if you need a boost a new lipstick will always do the trick. Nothing to wear

I feel ya. After two kids and a spectrum of sizes it can all get a bit hodge podge in my wardrobe. The absolute golden rule is that you must feel comfortable. So grab your favourite jeans or pants and your favourite casual top. Do they still need a little something? What about those great beads you never wear? Or a scarf? It’s not too tricky to go from nothing to wear to a great solid base that might just need a new piece. Don’t forget - always sort out the parent /adult clothes first!! Shoes

As the queen of sensible shoes and trainers I have this issue too. Simple solution - no shoes! You can trot along to your session in thongs and kick them off to the side when I start snapping. Time

I know. Saturdays are crazy with sport. Sundays you usually have a birthday party. No problem - I’m opening up Friday afternoon sessions in May, and there’s always school holidays. Also - if you are keen give me a call and let's see what we can work out that works for you.

So whatever it is that is stopping you there is a solution!

If you've been following along on my social media accounts over the past couple of weeks you'll know that I launched a super important and official (*cough*) campaign in mid April - it's the #getmumintheframe campaign. I am passionate about mums being in photos, not just taking them.

Each Saturday from now until Mother's Day I am going to show you a different way that you can easily (and with a lot of laughs and fun) #getmumintheframe. Sure these may not be the highest quality photos but without a doubt they will capture some wonderful memories. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip 📷on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to help your Mum, or the mum-like figure in your life capture some precious memories why not take a look at my great Mother's Day offer ➡️http://bit.ly/mothers-day-photo-offer

There are only five available so get in quick!

Have a great day!


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