Where should I have my photo session?

So you've locked in a date for your shoot (yay!). The next thing that usually presents a bit of a conundrum is where to hold your shoot!

There are soooo many options and you may be surprised about where the best location might be for your session!

So today I wanted to share some options with you to get you thinking about where might be the best location for your family photoshoot.



  • Beach is a beautiful backdrop

  • Bare feet

  • Fun for the kids

Things to Consider

  • Not recommended for windy or very cold days

  • May be too bright and sandy for small babies

  • Consider bringing towels and changes of clothing

  • Must be done early morning or late afternoon for best light

  • Need to consider crowds during weekends and hot summer



  • Interesting buildings, doorways and laneways are great for containment and leading lines

  • Can be done in most weather conditions

  • Layer up clothing for urban chic

Things to Consider

  • Need to consider crowds for the time of day



  • Beautiful for afternoon light filtering through the trees

  • Find parks with differing backdrops - ponds, bridges, trees

Things to Consider

  • Not ideal in wet conditions, or if the ground is muddy

  • Parks with lots of trees are better than wide open spaces



  • Beautiful scenic backdrop!

  • Lots of variety for your photos

Things to Consider:

  • Time of day is really important for the direction of the light and also crowds

In Your Home!


  • Everything is at hand and easy

  • Perfect for newborns and small babies

  • Capture kids in their natural environment

Things to Consider

  • How much natural light and what is the best time of day for light inside

  • How much space is available for family shots

So many wonderful options to choose from and some food for thought about your next location!

x Afton

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