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There's a lot about motherhood and parenthood which can be monotonous and not very rewarding (laundry I'm looking at you). But often hidden within this monotony is a comforting routine that forms the heartbeat of a house, and the security of a home.

One of my favourite memories of my Mum comes from something which I am sure was one of her least rewarding tasks - the school pick up. We usually caught the bus but boy did my heart soar when I saw her car waiting for us just near the bus stop. No more hot bus trip home but travelling home in the air conditioned station wagon. Ahhhh the good old days.

It wasn't so much avoiding the bus that I loved but the chats on the way home. The ability to decompress, run through the day, seek advice, and seamlessly move from school to home. I now look forward to the school pick up myself. I get to chat with my eldest for ten minutes before we pick up our little one. She tells me about her day and runs me through her upcoming schedule ("Mum, don't forget the permission slip!"). Then we pick up the littlest member of our household who provides us with her own colourful update.

My other great memories are our road trips to Canberra. Mum would lure us to the big smoke with a promise of a trip to Questacon BUT only if we went to the National Gallery first and took in some #culture. It has served both my sister and I very well I must say. I now really enjoy wandering around art galleries, and love taking my girls with me. Although instead of Questacon the lure is the cafe!

Mums and mum-like figures are so important in the everyday parts of our lives in both visible and invisible ways. It's great to consciously take a day to say 'thank you'.

If you've been following along on my social media accounts over the past couple of weeks you'll know that I launched a super important and official (*cough*) campaign in mid April - it's the #getmumintheframe campaign. I am passionate about mums being in photos, not just taking them.

Each Saturday until Mother's Day I am going to show you a different way that you can easily (and with a lot of laughs and fun) #getmumintheframe. Sure these may not be the highest quality photos but without a doubt they will capture some wonderful memories. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip 📷on Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to help your Mum, or the mum-like figure in your life, capture some precious memories why not take a look at my great Mother's Day offer ➡️http://bit.ly/mothers-day-photo-offer

There's only two days left, so get in quick!

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