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If you've been following along on my social media accounts over the past week you will know that I launched a super important and official (*cough*) campaign last Sunday - it's the #getmumintheframe campaign.

I am PASSIONATE about is making sure that Mums and mum-like figures are IN photos. All too often it is Mum who grabs the camera or smartphone and rallies the troops for that special shot. Often everyone BUT Mum is in the photo. I am totally guilty of this too 🤫.

I don't want to just pay lip service to this so from now until Mother's Day I am running a little challenge for myself, and for anyone else who is keen to up their #getmumintheframe game.

Each Saturday from now until Mother's Day I am going to show you a different way that you can easily (and with a lot of laughs and fun) #getmumintheframe. Sure these may not be the highest quality photos but without a doubt they will capture some wonderful memories. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip 📷on Facebook and Instagram.

So why the campaign?

I got thinking about this the other day when my three year old wandered into my office to 'help' me do some editing. She immediately noticed a photo of her and I that I had propped up on the bookshelf (see below).

When cleaning up I found some old photos that I had hastily printed some pictures off my iPhone because I needed something quick. This little person was a newborn at the time and I felt pretty blah.

She looks so cute in one of the photos, and I can really see the little person I have come to know so well in the intervening years. I am in the photo too. I don't look great and I am pulling a funny face to make her laugh. She LOVES this photo. Everytime she comes to 'help' me in my office she says 'Let's pretend to do the kissing photo again.' She doesn't see the unmade bed, unwashed hair and questionable horizontal stripes (me, not her). She just sees her Mum.

If you would like to help your Mum, or the mum-like figure in your life capture some precious memories why not take a look at my great Mother's Day offer ➡️ There are only five available so get in quick!

Have a great day!


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