My favourite things about being a Mum | Eastern suburbs photographer

Ahhhh motherhood. It's never quite how they describe it in the reviews, is it?

While I joke about the ENDLESS cleaning and snack making that motherhood seems to entail, there are also many reasons I love being a mum to my two girls, and I love how it changes through all of the stages.


My favourite thing about being the mum of a newborn is being able to hold that little person and smell that amazing newborn smell all day. They need to bottle that scent! This is very closely followed by the first smile. You know, the one that you are almost 95% sure isn't wind. It's as if they are breaking through from a very long doze to properly introduce themselves. Bliss.


My favourite thing about being the mum of a baby is how you can see the cogs turning in their head. They get comfortable in their own skin and realise that yes they own those hands and feet, and they can do things with them. Forever etched in my memory is the moment my eldest daughter rolled over. The look of absolute pride on her face as she conquered that tricky manoeuvre. She smiled, and then looked at both of us to make sure we had seen the brilliance displayed.


This is a tough call. I LOVE toddlers. This is when you start to become a proper team. This might be just in my house but my favourite thing about being a toddler mum is the fashion. My two can accessorise for dayz! Gumboots are not just for rainy days, but for any outfit which needs colourful and confident footwear. Headbands - why stop at one? Layering takes on a new meaning. It's not a scarf thrown nonchalantly around your neck. It's two pairs of pants - #beprepared.


My favourite thing about being the mum of a preschooler is watching their vocabulary explode. In the toddler years they bed down the basics. But as preschoolers they get a whole new language swag. Only today my three year old completely cracked me up when we were playing with: "Please don't disturb me today - I'm working from home." I love that she is promoting flexible work from such a young age.

School kid

My favourite thing about being the mum of a school kid is the questions. I know, at 9 pm at night questions are not my favourite thing. Some questions you expect - "Why is the sky blue?" Others are a little more left field - "Mum, if you died would I have to pay for your coffin?" 😳And the authority and confidence they gain from their newfound knowledge is wonderful to see (PS I've confirmed I'll make sure I pre plan my funeral).

So that leaves me with tween and teenager ... stay tuned.